Appraisal of Contemporary, American and European Art


Appraisal Uses

We provide a verbal estimate of value or a certified written report.  The first step is to know what the appraisal is for - sale, estate planning, insurance valuation, charitable donation, or simply curiosity.

We can provide your lawyer, insurance company, auction house or the I.R.S. with a certified report.

Market Intelligence

Whether you have a sculpture, painting, print, enamel, or fine art pottery, from America or Europe we will research, determine value, and recommend the best market for sale.

Analysis of market factors can help to maximize your return in a gallery or at auction.

Maximizing Value

 How you care for, document, and display your art affects its value.  This information can be essential to insurers, dealers, auction houses, the I.R.S. and your heirs.

Our team of specialists can assist with conservation of your art including shipment and installation.